Customer access area


See all Invoices, Statements, Pay Bills and review Estimates. All your information is private and accessible only by you. We do not have access to, or collect any credit card information or bank accounts related to your payments.
If you want to have online access to your financial related data with Topdot, click here to send us a request.

Login to your account


This area gives you access to technical support data related specifically to your account.  You can also open service calls or review past support history. The different services are listed below:

  • Support Calls:  Create new support request / Review support history.
  • Maintenance Schedule:  Start, view or change your current Maintenance Schedule with Topdot.  Click here for information on our Maintenance Plans.
  • System Protection:  Workstations and servers backups / CtP device firmware and parameters / Color calibration curves. Click here for more information on System Protection.

Plate supply schedule

We created this area for plate customers. Once you start using our Topdot Tango plates, we create a visual schedule specifically for your account. This chart shows:  Initial setup process / Delivery dates / Stock replenishment / Reordering / etc.

We think that this level of communication with our customers is crucial to ensure a stable and timely supply of offset plates and chemistry.


Process Control

Whether you are using our Topdot Tango Plates or other brands, we provide services to measure plates and prints to ensure consistency through time. This also gives you access to test files, instructions and historical data.
This is a very simple process that is quite often overlooked. It can save you a lot of headaches with color variations, long make ready times and material waste.  Once we set things up, it is easy to maintain and will be very valuable to control the stability of your CtP device, plates and press.   In other words, it will save you money. Click here for more information.