TPD Series Thermal CtP Processors

  • Developer Capacity:     40 Liters
  • Plate Thickness:     0.15 to 0.40mm
  • Diameter of Rollers:     40mm
  • Developer Temperature:     15 to 40 °C
  • Dryer Temperature:     30 to 60 °C
  • Developing Time:     20 to 60 seconds
  • Brush Speed:     20 to 150 RPM
  • Chiller:     Included
  • Power:     1PH, AC220V, 30A
  • Weight:     480 KG
  • Dimensions:     1700 x 1240 x 1050mm

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Computer-controlled process, suitable for 0.15-0.4mm all kinds of CTP plate.

Developing, washing, gumming and drying complete in one machine. Unique solution cycle ways and accurate temperature control, guarantee accurate and uniform dot reproduction.

Developing speed, brush rotate speed is all digitally processed, step-less gear is also available.

Digital temperature control, temperature setting and actual temperature clearly displayed, alarming and error-displaying also available.

Developing liquid filtering system, liquid guaranteed clear and developing guaranteed stable. Plus usage-period is extended and cleaning load is reduced.

Accurate developing liquid supply system, liquid guaranteed stable.

Special water-saving design, water running only when plate is moving, no more whole-process water consuming.

Automatic rubber roller smoothing, avoiding rubber roller drying out after long-time standing by.

Automatic alarm to remind the replacement filter system to ensure the quality of developing.

Personal computer connecting to control the machine is available. (optional)

Smart automatic developer (conductivity) replenishment system with accurate calculation based on PH value, temperature compensation and dissolved saturation level. (optional)


TAIWAN APEX DC motor, DC frequency speed adjustment.

Anti-friction project plastic gear, the anti-friction is 7-10 times of the stainless steel.

The bearing and the sealing units are imported from USA.

Omron solid state relay, Schneider power circuit breaker, TAIWAN RIKO photoelectric sensor, Meanwell power supplier.

Imported mixing rubber roller, deviation less than 0.02mm.

PTC ceramics heater, TAIWAN electric heating tube.

USA Dupont nylon brushes.

Japan IWAKI Developing circulating pump.

Japan TOYOX water pipe, JOPLA fast connecting water pipe.

The roller core adopts 316 stainless steel, long duration.

TAIWAN PVC groove, beautiful appearance, long duration.

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Low and Free Chemistry Processors

  • Type A: Suitable for a variety of low chemical treatment of CtP plates. Also provides cleaning, gluing and drying.
  • Type B: Suitable for all chemistry free CtP plates. Provides cleaning, gluing and drying.
  • Automated process control.
  • Handles plates from 0.40 to 0.30 mm
  • Plate speed and brushes speed is independently controlled.
  • Simple structure. Easy to maintain.
  • Automatically rotates rollers to keep them wet while on long stand by periods.
  • Automatic cleaning of glue roller on long stand by periods to avoid glue solidification.
  • High wear resistant gears and transmission materials.