Topdot Remote Support

Best remote support

Topdot provides effective remote technical support. We solve most emergencies quickly and diagnose source of problems. We also work with your local technical people.

These are some of the issues we can help you with

  • Laser head problems

    Call us for a free diagnostic of Kodak / Creo laser head problems. We can quickly determine if the issue can be resolved inexpensively or more extensive repair / replacement is needed.

  • Workflow

    • Computer problems
    • Color curves
    • Training
    • Questions
    • Workflow replacement (get rid of old and expensive to maintain RIPs and Workflow systems)
  • Platesetter problems

    We diagnose, solve or temporarily mask most issues on Kodak / Creo / Scitex CtP devices. Topdot fully supports the entire line of plate-setters that we sell.  Contact us in advance or when something goes wrong. We can help.

    Parameters:  Call us BEFORE this happens:  The electronics controller on your CtP device or Laser head gets corruption on its parameters database or firmware.

    When (not if) this happens, you lose all the imaging parameters for the plates you are using, all the plate loading and unloading measurements and all other settings you can think of.  GONE. the CtP becomes a pile of metal that requires a LOT of work before it can image a single plate again.  If you have any doubts on whether or not you actually have back ups for all that, call us.

    Seriously. Call us. One hour of remote support and we will backup firmware and parameters to your workstation or cloud storage.

  • New plates setup

    Avoid expensive media changes. Topdot has done hundreds of successful media changes at a small fraction of the cost.

  • Workstation protection or recovery

    Hopefully, you’ll call us BEFORE something bad happens. Here is what could go wrong:

    • Your Print Console, Tiff Catcher or whatever workstation is connected to your Computer to Plate device has been running for 10 years without a glitch. No need to worry, right?
      • Just imagine that one of these days you find the trusty Windows 2000 station showing you a cryptic message on a blue screen.
      • After rebooting several times unsuccessfully, you realize some or all of the following is happening:
        • You do not have any of the installation disks to rebuild the station.
        • Your latest backup was done years ago.
        • Your backup is incomplete or is not a real disk image. In other words after restoring it does not boot up.
        • You need to replace the defective system disk and is nearly impossible to find an identical replacement.
        • The system is setup on a RAID unit and it has been showing you a yellow light since 2003. Now, it has two yellow lights and you just lost the entire RAID unit with no chance of recovery.
        • All your plate size settings, hot folders, licenses, CtP parameters backups, service history, etc. GONE.
    • If you call us BEFORE any of the above happens, we can offer one of the following 2 plans:
      • We do a complete backup of your workstation to a network drive or external drive at your site.  We also provide you an exact duplicate in terms of hardware of your workstation. (So now, you have a complete software and hardware backup)
    • If you call us AFTER the station fails, we can still help. Just give us a call and we will evaluate the damage and work on a recovery plan.