CtP Platesetter(s) models that Topdot supports

Creo / Kodak / Scitex / Screen / ECRM / Others
Experienced and trained technicians in a wide variety of Computer to Plate equipment from most major manufacturers. More than 20 years of experience and solid reliable reputation.

Preventive maintenance

Thorough preventive maintenance procedures.
Clean, check for worn parts, test and calibration on your CtP device at the right time.
Avoid technical problems and down time by scheduling periodic maintenance visits.

Break / Fix

Diagnosis and quick repairs.
We have decades of experience solving technical problems in pre-press equipment and a long history of success in bringing systems back to operational quickly and inexpensively.

Kodak / Creo laser heads

Most effective and inexpensive repair or replacement of Kodak / Creo Laser heads.
TH 1.0
TH 1.7
TH 2.0
TH 2.5

On site / Remote support

Remote access to CtP devices and workflow.
We can diagnose a wide variety of CtP issues remotely.This enables us to either resolve or correctly diagnose technical iusses accurately at a low cost and delay.

Equipment relocation

De installing your platesetter and packing for shipping. Packing includes placing equipment in packaging and securing it. Installing at new site and setting up the equipment as you need.

Plate processor support

For most manufactures: Glunz & Jensen, Heights, Kodak, Fuji, Agfa, Nes and others. We repair, maintain and refurbish most processors in the market.