Topdot provides complete support for your plates

Acquiring new plates is always challenging.
A successfully implementation is nearly impossible to without a solid technical assistance behind it:

CtP imaging parameters

Changing to new plates, almost always requires re-setting the imaging parameters of your CtP device.
Even plates from same manufacturer are subject to this modifications. The correct exposure and focus are very important to achieve consistency and avoid expensive and premature laser failures.

Processor setup

Wrong processor settings cause inconsistencies and unstable plate performance on press. Not to mention banding and other headaches.

Correct settings include:
  • Proper chemical temperature
  • Processing speed
  • Replenishment rate
  • Rollers and brushes pressure
  • Adequate maintenance schedule

Tonal corrections

A smooth transition to new plates requires maintaining similar dot sizes compared to the previous plates.
Otherwise, things will get difficult in your press room. We measure your current plates and ensure that you continue to achieve the same dot percentages and color with your new plates.

Remote support
  • Remote plate setups
  • Revision of plate imaging parameters
  • Calibration curves adjustments
  • Consultation
Printing plate stability
  • Dot size variations
  • Process control assistance
  • Plate targets
  • Measurement instruments assistance

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