Topdot provides powerful, modern and affordable Workflow and RIP solutions

We sell, install and fully support the entire line of Founder Workflows and RIPs. This includes all Commercial, Flexo, Packaging and Security products.

ElecRoc Worflow

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Eagle RIP for Commercial

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Higher quality print with screening options

EagleRIP screen dot shapes allow users to select the dot that ensures maximum printing quality.Nine standard screenings include Euclidean Round, Rhomb, Ellipse, Diamond, Pure Round, Sharp Ellipse,Square, Cross and FM screening. Optional screenings such as EagleAM, EagleFM, EagleFAM (AM & FM hybrid printing) and EagleAGS (gravure printing) are available as plug-ins.

Eagle RIP for Flexo

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Flexo specific screens
FlexoRound screen
FlexoRound Balance
Miracle Cell technology